Welcome to Yoga Voice! The idea for this podcast came as I crossed the Australian desert on my motorcycle. I rode 19000 klm around Australia and listened to a lot of podcasts along the way. I was influenced and inspired by what I was listening to and wanted to create a conversation about yoga with the beautiful and brave people who teach it. When Im riding I experience moments of profound clarity and presence. I become open to receive the teachings in whatever form they may come and am inspired to bring the practice into everything that I do. It is from this space of deep gratitude and wild adventure that Yoga Voice was born. I hope you enjoy and contribute to the evolving conversation of yoga.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jodie Neault

This weeks interview is with Vancouvers Rocket Yoga teacher Jodie Neault. Click her name to the right of this post to download! Jodie came over to my place, which used to be her place, and sat on my couch and told me her story. She talks about her dramatic weight loss through yoga and how the practice changed her relationship to her body and introduced her to the healing practices of pranayama. She also shares with us how yoga carried her through one of the most difficult things a person can go through and the affect it still has on her practice today. She reminded me that most days you only get one chance to practice yoga asana, one chance to do the pose so give it all you got, sweat it out, be present.  Being present is a lesson I learn over and over again, this moment is the only one we have so why is it so hard to stay in it?
Yoga helps, that's all I know!
Jodie teaches Ashtanga, core, flow, power and Yhot at the Yaletown and Highgate Yyoga locations
And she also teaches Hatha Yoga at Sanga, a beautiful community studio in Dunbar.
Here are a few links to Its Yoga and the Rocket series for those of you who want to check it out:
Enjoy the conversation!!

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