Welcome to Yoga Voice! The idea for this podcast came as I crossed the Australian desert on my motorcycle. I rode 19000 klm around Australia and listened to a lot of podcasts along the way. I was influenced and inspired by what I was listening to and wanted to create a conversation about yoga with the beautiful and brave people who teach it. When Im riding I experience moments of profound clarity and presence. I become open to receive the teachings in whatever form they may come and am inspired to bring the practice into everything that I do. It is from this space of deep gratitude and wild adventure that Yoga Voice was born. I hope you enjoy and contribute to the evolving conversation of yoga.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Julie Peters

Julie Peters is a yoga teacher, studio owner, writer and spoken word poet. Julie brings her emotional intelligence and creativity to everything she does.  Her classes are rich with metaphors, poetry and authenticity.  Julie is the owner of Eastside yoga studio, a space that was built on the genuine heart of the East Vancouver community. You can find everything you need to know about the studio here, including Julies upcoming teacher training this summer

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